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Terms and  Conditions


1. Your Consumer rights are protected: Any agreements relating to your Revolving Credit Account are governed by the CCCFA (Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003) FTA (The Fair Trading Act 1986) and CGA (Consumer Guarantees Act 1993) or other applicable New Zealand law.

2. Contract to Purchase: The Company agrees to provide for the Customer the goods selected on a Revolving Credit basis. The Customer agrees to pay The Good Guys Ltd for the goods by Direct Debit or Automatic Payment. If any payment by the Customer falls due on a day which is not a Banking Day (being a day on which registered banks are open) the payment must be made on such earlier date as may be reasonably requested by The Good Guys Ltd and the Direct Debit Authority form signed by the Customer shall provide accordingly. The Customer must pay all outstanding monies (being those referred to in the Repayment Schedule on each sales invoice/credit contract with The Good Guys Ltd and the fees/expenses provided for in these terms and conditions together with any other monies owing to The Good Guys Ltd under any other purchase, on a date no later than agreed to with The Good Guys Ltd.

3. Financial Service Provider: The Good Guys Ltd is a registered financial service provider - FSP#326626.

4. Sales Policy: The Good Guys Ltd has a policy of not providing a credit account to anyone under the age of 18 years.

5. Credit Limit & Shopping Limit: A maximum credit limit (following The Good Guys credit criteria) will be calculated towards the customer and under any Agreement, provided all terms of the Agreement are met. A Customer’s credit limit is calculated based on the number of successful consecutive payments made to The Good Guys Ltd by the customer over a period of time. New customers of The Good Guys Ltd are eligible to a maximum $160 credit limit until such a time the customer achieves a higher credit limit amount (following The Good Guys credit criteria). The Customer’s Shopping Limit is the amount the customer can purchase up to taking into account any balances still owing from any previous purchases, within the Customer’s calculcated maximum credit limit.

6. Direct Debit Authority/Automatic Payment: To take advantage of our credit facilities, you are required to sign an Automatic Payment form or provide authority for us to accept Direct Debits from your bank account. The payment authority must remain active until all amounts owing by you to us have been paid in full.If the Automatic Payment form has been cancelled or the authority to accept Direct Debits is terminated before the completion of all payments on your account, then you irrevocably agree to immediately re-sign a new Automatic Payment form or provide a new authority for us to accept Direct Debits to ensure the payments continue and the contract for the purchase of goods from us is satisfied in full.The Direct Debit authority provided will be used to:

a. To recover any amounts outstanding at the agreed amount and frequency

b. To amend the payment date or amount over the telephone if agreed by both parties.  The Good Guys Ltd is not responsible for any bank fees incurred by the Customer as a result of any changes in payments.

7. Direct Debit Request on Public Holiday: If the normal direct debit request day falls on a public holiday, the Customer agrees to allow The Good Guys Ltd to debit their bank account the working day before the public holiday.

8. Other Payment Options: The Good Guys Ltd will also accept cash or direct credit to our bank account on occasion however the Customer is required to sign an Automatic Payment form or provide authority for us to accept Direct Debits from your bank account as described in Clause 6 as the Customer’s main method of payment to The Good Guys Ltd and in order to make ongoing purchases with The Good Guys Ltd.

9. Missed Payment Fee: Where the Customer has a balance and fails to meet the Repayments as specified in the Repayment Schedule (including where payment is not made in accordance with Clause 2), then The Good Guys Ltd reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to charge the Customer a fee of $15 per missed payment.

10. Account Maintenance Fee: A monthly fee of $6, in relation to maintaining your account, will be charged to your account. The fee is payable on the last working day of each month until the termination or cancellation of this agreement.

11. Payment Cancellation Fee: If the balance of your account is higher than the payment due and you have cancelled your Direct Debit or Automatic Payment, you will be charged a $40 Payment Cancellation Fee.

12. Payment Stopped Fee: If your Bank stops your Direct Debit with The Good Guys Ltd whilst you are still indebted a Payment Stopped Fee of $40 will be charged to your account.

13. Debt Collection Fee: If no payment is received within (40) forty days of the first non-payment where the Company has had no contact from you with reasonable explanation, your account will be transferred to a Collector. You will be charged a Debt Collectors fee of $25. If your account needs to be collected manually by a Debt Collector, a weekly call out fee of $5 will be charged to your account. If you make the agreed payment this fee will be reversed by the Company.

14. Legal Visitation Fee: When the Customer receives a visit from the Company Field Agent to discuss non-payment of their account a fee of $65 will be charged to the Customer.

15. Legal Recourse Letter: When the Customer receives a letter from the Company advising of possible court proceedings due to non-payment of their account a fee of $45 will be charged to the Customer.

16. Skip Trace Fee: When the Company attempts multiple visits to the Customer’s residence (or any other known addresses) to locate the Customer for the purpose of debt collection a fee of $85.00 will be charged to the Customer.

17. Acceptance of a Lesser Fee: Where a fee is payable pursuant to any agreement or these terms and conditions, we have a right, in our absolute discretion, to accept a lesser fee.

18. Ongoing Debiting: The Customer asks The Good Guys Ltd to continue to debit their account until requested to stop (subject to all amounts due and owing have been paid) or until such time as they have a credit balance of $200.00 on their account. The current balance of the Customer’s account with The Good Guys Ltd can be used to make further purchases or refunded if requested in accordance with Clause 21.

19. The Good Guys Ltd - Customer Accounts: The customer agrees that if they default on any payments on any of their account(s) with The Good Guys Ltd, Home Zone Catalogue Company Ltd or The Christmas Catalogue Company Ltd, that funds may be transferred from one account to another to cover any defaulted payments. Defaulted payments on any accounts may delay the delivery of orders.

20. Refusal of Credit: The Good Guys Ltd may at its discretion refuse credit or otherwise discontinue its trading relationship with the Customer, but shall be authorised to continue to use any Direct Debit Authorities provided by the Customer to effect payment of outstanding monies owing by that Customer.

21. Credit Balance Refunds: At the Customers request, The Good Guys Ltd will refund a credit balance in that Customers Revolving Credit account. This money will be deposited into the Customers bank account by direct credit within seven (7) days of it being requested.

22. Returns/Cancellations: You have a legal right to cancel this Agreement without penalty or incurring any charges by way of returning the goods supplied to you by The Good Guys Ltd within five (5) working days of your purchase date. Items returned must be in the same condition that they were originally purchased.

23. Faulty Goods: The Good Guys Ltd will repair any item that has been sold with a genuine manufacturing fault. If the item is not repairable it will be replaced or credited. The Company does not accept any responsibility for normal or excessive wear and tear.

24. Loss or Damage: Risk shall pass to the Customer on receipt / delivery of the goods and the Customer thereafter shall be responsible for all loss of, or damage to, the goods howsoever arising, and whether direct or consequential. Nothing in this clause affects the Customer’s rights under the FTA 1986 and CGA 1993.

25. Complaints Process: If you want to make a complaint or have a problem understanding something we’ve done, please let us know. Call 0800 448 988. If this does not address your complaint fully, your next step is Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) the external dispute resolution scheme for our business.

26. Unforseen Hardship: If you have suffered a hardship you couldn’t reasonably have seen coming, such as illness or injury, loss of employment, the end of a relationship, or death of a partner or spouse and as a result of that hardship, believe that you cannot reasonably meet your debt repayments as they currently stand, you may be able to apply to The Good Guys Ltd for a hardship variation. To do this you should make an application in writing explaining your reasons for the application and request either an extension of the term of the contract or a postponement of the dates on which payments are due or both of these variations. You should do this as soon as possible. You should contact us within four (4) defaulted payments. If you leave this too long, your hardship application will be delayed. We will consider your application for a Hardship Variation within seven (7) days of receiving all information which we reasonably require to make a decision and will notify you of our decision within that time period.

27. Variation to these Terms and Conditions: We may vary these terms and conditions (including fees and charges) from time to time at our discretion. Where required by law, we will notify you of any changes to any Agreement of these terms and conditions by giving you at least fourteen (14) days’ notice of such change or within such other period imposed by law. Any notice relating to a change in an interest rate or fee may be notified in accordance with the CCCFA 2003.

28. Notices / Electronic Disclosure to You: Subject to any other period imposed by law, you will be deemed to have received any notice we give you five (5) days following the posting date of such notice. We will send any notices to you at the last address we have for you on our records. You hereby consent to any disclosure or other information required to be provided to you by us under the CCCFA 2003 or otherwise being disclosed in electronic form and by means of electronic communication (e.g., by email or text message).

29. Telephone Sales / Disclosure to You: These terms and conditions also apply to any telephone transaction between you and us. In order to place an order with us by telephone you will have to meet our requirements in establishing your identification, including answering security questions. We may from time to time take and keep recordings of telephone conversations between you and us, and you consent to the record of those telephone conversations.

30. Waiver: The Good Guys Ltd shall not be deemed to have waived any condition unless such waiver shall be in writing under the signature of an authorised officer of The Good Guys Ltd.

31. Assignment: The rights and obligations contained in these terms and conditions and any Agreement are entirely personal to you and accordingly you may not, without our prior written approval, assign or transfer such rights or obligations to any other person.

32. Privacy Act 1993: The Customer irrevocably authorises The Good Guys Ltd to collect, retain and use personal information about the Customer (“The information”), including but not limited to the information contained in this Agreement and information from third parties, for the following purposes:

a. Determining the ongoing creditworthiness of the Customer:

b. Administration and enforcement of this Agreement and any and all other contracts which the Customer has with The Good Guys Ltd.

c. Marketing goods and services provided by The Good Guys Ltd.d. Conducting market research by and on behalf of The Good Guys Ltd.You are under no obligation to provide the information requested, but if you fail to do so we can refuse to supply credit and products to you.

33. Disclosure: The Customer irrevocably authorises The Good Guys Ltd to provide the information:

a. to employees and agents of The Good Guys Ltd and any other person, in the ordinary course of business.

b. to credit agencies and other suppliers of goods and services on credit terms to the Customer and;

c. to The Good Guys Ltd (financiers and any other person to whom The Good Guys Ltd may sell or assign any part of its business.

34. Continuing Disclosure: At least every forty five (45) working days we will make available to you, a statement relating to your account with The Good Guys Ltd. Such disclosure will be given in accordance with the CCCFA 2003.

35. Change of Address and Telephone Number: The Customer must advise The Good Guys Ltd in writing or by calling 0800 448 988 within forty eight (48) hours of any change of address or telephone number.

36. Breach of Contract: Except as otherwise prohibited by law, we, without liability on our part, shall have the right to cancel any Agreement (so far as it remains unperformed) wholly or in part, or any other contact which has not been completed, and all sums oustanding (whether legally demanded or not and whether they do or not) shall become immediately due and payable to us if:

a. you breach any Agreement or these terms and conditions, including default in any payment on the due date and fail to remedy such breach within fifteen (15) days of our notice to you of breach; or

b. you become bankrupt or are unable to pay your debts or enter into any arrangements or composition with your creditors. All reasonable costs incurred by The Good Guys Ltd in the recovery of amounts outstanding, including legal costs, are to be charged to the Customer and form part of the balance owing on the Customer’s account.

37. Early Repayment – Revolving Credit Basis: Should the customer receive the goods and decide to re-pay any outstanding amounts earlier than specified in the repayment schedule of the Revolving Credit Application form, there will be no adjustment to the Total Price.

38. Notice to Customer: The Good Guys Ltd is an ethical credit provider and wishes to ensure that you have thought carefully before entering into this agreement. Please stop and think carefully before you enter into this agreement and take into account your daily expenses to ensure that you are able to afford any payments due under this agreement.

39. Notices to The Good Guys Ltd: You may send notices to The Good Guys Ltd by; writing to The Good Guys Ltd specified overleaf; or sending an email to the address specified overleaf. The Good Guys Ltd hereby consents to receiving notices or other communications from you in electronic form, sent to the email address specified.